Honeystone Bird Candles
Hatchling Chick
3" tall by 2" wide
burns 6 hours if you can bear to light it.
Traditional symbol of spring--life size chick hatching from egg.
hatchchickred, 92670 byte(s).

nestingbird, 173393 byte(s).
Nesting Bird
Bird three inches long from beak to tail,
sitting on a nest.
$5.95 in gift box

the wick forms the topknot on this pure natural non-toxic beeswax quail.
three inches tall.
$6.95 in gift box
quail, 138279 byte(s).

owl, 148865 byte(s).
Three inch tall, wide eyed owl.
$6.95 in gift box

Square Bird House
classic miniature bird house
$5.95 in gift box
birdhouse, 203307 byte(s).