Honeystone Celtic Candles
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Honeystone® Celtic Cross

The intricate pattern is composed of a single continuous line which symbolizes eternity. This is an original design based on the ancient Celtic wheeled cross motif. Height 5 1/2 inches. Gift boxed.
Copyright 1999 Honeystone®

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Floating Celtic Knot Candles
Three different patterns based on traditional Celtic knotwork. These pure beeswax candles float on plain water. The reflection of the candle flame on the surface of the water creates a unique, shimmering effect not found with other candles. These candles combine the elements of fire, air, and water with the beauty of ancient Celtic designs

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Floating Celtic Heart

Our longest burning floating candle. Eighteen to twenty hours of pure beeswax sweetness and light. Interwoven hearts on top, traditional knotwork on the side. Can be floated in water or placed on a small pillar candle holder.
Gift boxed, only $8.95

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Celtic Pillar Candle
Solid pillar of beeswax, two inches in diameter, ten inches tall
adorned with an endless knot design based on the Glammis Stone of Scotland.
Ideal for use as a Unity Candle in Celtic wedding rites.

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Pictish Knotwork
three floating candles, each with a different, complex interlaced design based on patterns found in the
Glamis and Shandwick Stones.
burn time two hours each.
$8.95 gift boxed set

The Invocation of Light
A Celtic Prayer

I kindle this little light on the Earth plane

I dedicate it to the service of the spirit.

I guard and cherish this light as a living symbol

And an act of faith in the reality of the powers of light