Honeystone Figurine Candles
catonmat, 164381 byte(s).
Feline Fancier's Delight
Cat curled up on a mat
3" diameter
carousel, 131599 byte(s).
Classic Carousel with six prancing horses

3" high by 3" in diameter


pig, 195916 byte(s).
Often referred to as Winny the Pig, a jolly little hog
6 hours burn time
3" x 2" x 2"

bear, 71475 byte(s).
For the many people who have asked for a teddy bear candle, we have created this figurine. A perfect gift for a bear-fancier. Burn time five hours. Individually gift boxed, only $6.95

rabbitrj, 133725 byte(s).
A honey of a bunny. This sweet little rabbit will hop right into your heart!
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This charming little squirrel will brighten any nature lover's day, or night.
3" tall
squrrelrj, 120827 byte(s).

lionrj, 92609 byte(s).
Our lion will be the pride of your collection. Just over 3 inches tall and perfect in every detail.
hippo, 157464 byte(s).
Here's a little hippopotamus
Keeps its head and burns its bottomus
3" long, 2 wicks
seahorse2, 131125 byte(s).
Exquisitely crafted, superbly detailed
Sea Horse
stands 4 inches tall
horse2, 82756 byte(s).
Horse Candle
This candle combines equestrian grace with a four inch tall pure beeswax pillar candle. The horse's head is gently illuminated as the candle burns. An ideal gift for the horse lover, or the chessplayerin your life.

dragon, 140273 byte(s).
Dragon Candle
created for the dragon fanciers of Shrewsbury
finely detailed
Lucky Elephant
raised trunk signifies good fortune
according to our Thai friends

$8.95 in gift box
elephant, 171806 byte(s).
Canoe Candle
works as a floating candle
three inch long canoe
perfect for the paddler in your life

$5.95 gift boxed
canoe, 128798 byte(s).
dory, 147772 byte(s).
Floating Dory Candle
Three inch long rowboat
floats in plain water

sheep, 195915 byte(s).
Sheep Candle
If you like sheep, this candle
is perfect for ewe.

rosebud, 141895 byte(s).
Rosebud Candle

Exquisite, intricate, perfectly formed petals
three inches tall
perfect for anyone you love.

$7.95 in gift box
morel, 446412 byte(s).
Morel Candle

Intricately detailed,
amazingly life-like
Three and a half inches tall
exquisite reproduction
of a choice edible fungi
a rare work of beeswax artistry


adorable baby owl
two and a half inches tall
ideal for collectors

owlet, 310894 byte(s).
corn, 357924 byte(s).
Large Corn Candle

finely detailed
five inches tall
perfect for holiday centerpieces
looks good enough to eat!


Hedgehog Candle

two and a half inches tall

hedgehog, 310516 byte(s).