Honeystone Floating Candles
Honeystone® Floating Candles float in plain water. Most salad bowls and wine glasses work as floating candle holders. Avoid brandy snifter type glassware with an incurved top. In a darkened room, the surface of the water acts as a reflector, creating a unique, shimmering effect.

rose, 154627 byte(s).
Floating Rose
large, on water in a salad bowl
Burn time four hours

bouque3, 22423 byte(s).
The Honeystone® Floating Bouquet consists of a rose, daisy, dahlia and poinsettia. Each finely detailed flower burns about two hours. For a unique centerpiece, combine a bowl of flower candles with real floating flowers.
$8.95 gift boxed set

celest2, 35542 byte(s).
Promise her the sun, moon, and two stars. She'll love the Honeystone® Floating Celestial gift box.
Burn time two hours each.
$8.95 gift boxed set

seashoregiftbox, 34657 byte(s).
A starfish, sand dollar, sea urchin and sea shell make up the Honeystone® Floating Seashore Collection, a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys romantic walks on the beach. Each candle burns about two hours.
$8.95 gift boxed set

celticknotsfloatgb, 77901 byte(s).
Three different original Celtic designs adorn these long- burning floating candles. Each candle's average burn time is two and a half hours. Ideal as gifts for birthdays , weddings and Celtic holidays.
$8.95 gift boxed set

nknots, 40219 byte(s).
The Honeystone® Nautical Knots floating candle collection displays accurately tied Turk's Head, Ocean Braid and Carrick Bend knots. Perfect gifts for mariners. Each candle burns over two hours.
$8.95 gift box set

daffodils, 76164 byte(s).
The first daffodils of spring inspired a new floating flower candle. Intricately detailed, life size, golden as pure beeswax, each blossom has a burn time of two hours. Gift packed in a box of three, only $8.95.

Floating Victorian Hearts
Say "I Love You" any day of the year with these intricate floating heart candles. Burn time over two hours each.
$8.95 gift box
hearts, 151452 byte(s).

quiltblocks, 74266 byte(s).
Quilt Block Floating Candles
Log Cabin, Dresden Plate & Lone Star Patterns
burn time about 2 hours each
$8.95 gift boxed set

pictishknots, 76581 byte(s).
Pictish Knotwork
Pure beeswax floating candles
Based on Glamis and Shandwick Stones
$8.95 gift boxed set