Honeystone Knot Candles
Monkey's Fist Knot Candles

A real knot, used by sailors and linemen to give weight to the end of rope. The knot is often considered a symbol of good luck. The small version is about the size of a votive candle and burns three to five hours. The larger knot burns fifteen to twenty hours. Each candle comes in its own gold-labeled gift box.
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small $3.50 each
large $6.95 each

Triangular Crowned Sennet Knot

an ornamental knot used in bell-pulls and hand rails
because of its complex shape, this candle will drip
fits most pillar candle holders
another Honeystone original
8 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide

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The Honeystone® Nautical Knots floating candle collection displays accurately tied Turk's Head, Ocean Braid and Carrick Bend knots. Perfect gifts for mariners. Each candle burns over two hours.
$8.95 gift boxed set
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