Christmas Candles
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Pine Cone Candle
A perfect little Ponderosa Pine Cone,
2.5 inches high,
will brighten up the winter chill. You'll be amazed at how realistic this candle looks and how nice it smells!
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Swirl and Prism Ornament Candles
Each is a two inch diameter sphere of pure beeswax that gives eight to ten hours of sweetness and light. `Perfect for holiday candlescaping. Each is separately gift boxed.
$5.50 each
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Honeystone® Floating Snowflakes
Let it snow! Three different six-pointed snowflakes, each with a burn time of two hours or more. Float on plain water in a wine glass or salad bowl. Gift boxed set.
Honeystone® Christmas Tree
Our new Christmas Tree Candle is so finely detailed that needles on the branches can be clearly seen. The boughs are adorned with bells, globes, and, of course, candles. The tree is five inches tall and two and a half inches wide at the base, making it a stable, free standing piece of table top art.
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Angel Ornaments
Three divinely detailed angels to adorn your tree or wall. Left to right, they are Dancing Angel, Angel with Lute, and Angel with Ribbons. The golden color and heavenly aroma of pure beeswax perfectly complement these angelic images. Etch a personal message on the back with a pin or needle. Each is individually gift boxed.
$6.50 each