What's New from Honeystone
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The Queen's
Unique, original, naturally sweet scented
Pure beeswax box, for small precious items
gift boxed
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Nut and Bolt Candle

Absolutely unique two-part candle
for those who like to manipulate mechanical things. A perfect desktop novelty for engineers and tinkerers.
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If you like penguins, this artisan decorator candle will warm your heart, even if you never burn it.
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mead cup, 1277226 byte(s).
Traditional Mead Cups
Created for Shrewsbury honey wine scholars,
authentic reproduction of medieval beeswax cups.
To fully enjoy a honey wine,
sip it from a beeswax cup
savor the sweetly mingled aromas of wax and mead.

Don't drink alone--
buy a pair
hexagonals, 2016988 byte(s).
Hexagonal Molded Candles
ten inches tall
six sides
burn one inch an hour
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Sacred Om Meditation Candle
Sanskrit symbol for Om i n
raised design on both side s
Little Gold Jug

Replica of an Oriental pitcher
elegantly detailed decorator candle for centerpieces and displays

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