Angel Ornaments

Honeystone® pure beeswax ornaments are patterned after traditional European designs. In some countries, particularly Germany, beeswax Christmas tree ornaments are family heirlooms, passed down through generations. The golden color and heavenly aroma of pure beeswax is ideally suited for casting angelic images.
Heavenly Trio Christmas Tree Ornaments Gift Box
Angels with book, lute, trumpet
$6.50 set
trio, 365085 byte(s).

Angel with Lute
This ornament is designed to hang
on a wall or other flat surface.
Dimensions 4 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide
angelwithlute, 310553 byte(s).

Angel Ornaments
Three divinely detailed angels to adorn your tree or wall. Left to right, they are Dancing Angel, Angel with Lute, and Angel with Ribbons. Etch a personal message on the back with a pin or needle. Each is individually gift boxed.
$6.50 each
3angelslarge, 147953 byte(s).
guardianangel, 113001 byte(s).
Guardian Angel Ornament
hanging or free standing
four inches tall
$9.50 gift boxed
Honeystone® Celtic Cross
The pattern consists of a single line which symbolizes eternity. The cross is free standing
with the design on both sides.
Dimensions 5.25 inches tall
by 3 inches wide by 1 inch thick
celticcross, 391186 byte(s).
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