Honeystone Sea Shells
Natural forms of real sea shells, cast in pure natural beeswax make some of Honeystone's finest candles .

Shell collectors will readily identify the Tun, Murex, and Moon Snail shown below. Each comes in its own gold-labeled gift box. Each shell measures three inches across its largest diameter.

Only $6.95 each.
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Moon Snail

smallshells, 159633 byte(s).
4shellgiftbox, 188691 byte(s).
Sea Shell Gift Box

Beachcomber's delight! Four unique shells to add to your collection.
Nestled in a clear clam shell container.

$12.95 for the set

seashoregiftbox, 39966 byte(s).
Honeystone Floating Seashore Collection

Four floating candles represent a shell, starfish, sand dollar and sea urchin.
Each burns about two hours.
$8.95 gift boxed set

seahorse2, 131125 byte(s).
Exquisitely crafted, superbly detailed
Sea Horse
stands 4 inches tall