Honeystone ®
Valentine's Candles
Say "I love you" any day of the year with a gift boxed set of Honeystone® Floating Victorian Hearts. Each of these intricately detailed candles burns two hours with a soft, sweet aroma of flowers blooming in a summer wind.

$8.95 box of three
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floating on water in a salad bowl
set of three in gift box
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The ideal gift for Celtic Lovers, our longest burning floating candle. Also works as a free standing pillar. This candle has an interwoven Celtic Heart design on the top and continuous knotwork around the sides. The motif is based on a stone carving from Meigle, Perthshire. Twenty hours of pure beeswax sweetness and light.
$8.95 gift boxed
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free standing
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Go ahead and buy it--
life is too short to burn cheap candles